New MOSFET relays from Omron extend capacity and operating temperature

Omron has further expanded its MOSFET relay line-up to offer higher operating temperature and enhanced capacity in a high-current six-pin DIP format. Omron’s new G3VM-63BR and G3VM-63ER extend the company’s 60V DIP6 MOSFET relay range up to 0.7A continuous load current, whilst providing high operating temperatures to 110degC.

Operating from -40 to 110 deg C, the company’s latest MOSFET relays contribute to much smaller and denser equipment than equivalent mechanical devices. Power consumption on the input is exceptionally low compared to all electromechanical relays, but especially reed relays, further contributing to energy-saving equipment.

Maximum resistance with output on is typically 0.3Ω (0.1Ω. with connection C), whilst typical capacitance between output terminals is specified as 520pF. Their maximum trigger LED forward current is 2mA, whilst turn ON time and OFF times are 2ms and 3ms respectively.

For factory automation applications, the new models have NC contacts allowing status output to linked devices including power off status. The new relays can also be used alongside the no contact type, enabling switching control of multiple loads with just one input control. The beneficiaries in factory automation include PLCs machine tools, inverters, robot controllers, temperature control together with fire, gas or smoke alarm systems. Further uses for the G3VM-63ER extend to sensor signal transfer and output signal switching – for example with gas detection and similar alarm applications.

The new relays are available now as stick packaging:50 pcs, or tape: 500 pcs packaging (only for SMT type) with a lineup that includes PCB and surface-mount terminals.

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