OLED microdisplay is appropriate for VR/AR

Offering UXGA resolution and what is claimed to be the world’s smallest pixel pitch, the ECX339A is a 0.5-inch display available from Framos.

It uses Sony’s OLED display and miniaturisation technology to achieve the same level of low-power operation as its predecessors, but with resolution factor 1.6. the latest addition to Sony’s series of OLED microdisplays is claimed to reach the highest resolution in its class, with 1600×1200 pixels UXGA.

Speed is now also doubled, achieving up to 240 frames per second (dual-line progressive) when paired with Sony’s original driving system. With LVDS / sub-LVDS video interfacing, a maximum luminance of 1000cd/m² and 100,000:1 or higher contrast ratio, the ECX339A is suitable for head-mounted devices enabling virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur, Sony product expert at Framos, explains how this is achieved: “The ECX339A microdisplay features an optimised transistor layout and process to address uneven characteristics and loss of voltage and to enhance picture quality. Additionally, the colour filter is deposited directly on the silicon substrate, reducing its distance from the light emitting layer, and the filter’s colour array has been modified. This helps customers to secure the viewing angle properties while achieving high resolution.”

The doubled frame rate allows the capture of fast-moving subjects with higher accuracy, delivering a more comfortable shooting experience. In digital camera electronic viewfinders and head-mounted display devices, this will help to improve image delay issue for items superimposed on real-world vision of AR/VR and to avoid motion sickness during usage. Mass production starts in November 2018.

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