OmniVision adds ASIC-based boards to medical ISP family

Extending the OVMed medical image signal processor (ISP) family, two boards from OmniVision Technologies are equipped with cost-effective MIPI and analogue input, USB storage and HDMI output. The OH0120 and OH0130 ASIC-based boards have been added to the medical ISP family for endoscopes and catheters.

The OH0120 and OH0130 boards are designed to pair with OmniVision’s medical image sensors for quick integration into single-use and reusable endoscopes as well as catheters. According to the company, the OH0120 provides a cost-effective, off-the-shelf, board-level option with HDMI connectivity and LCD screen support, as well as external USB memory-card storage. The OH0130 supports all of OmniVision’s HD and analogue medical image sensors, enabling customers to expand to full HD imaging with no ISP system redesign.

“This broad portfolio provides medical device designers with an industry-leading feature set and image quality, along with comprehensive development resources that enable them to focus on differentiated post-processing algorithms,” claimed Richard Yang, senior staff marketing manager at OmniVision.

The OH0120 provides medical designers with a cost-effective board for developing analogue input and HDMI output systems with up to 720p resolution, says OmniVision. It has LED light control and LCD screen drivers for integrating the display directly into a handheld or rack-based camera control unit (CCU). It also includes on-board memory and a USB 2.0 port for external memory cards with up to 64Gbyte, which can store up to 30 hours of video recordings. There is also native support for Android applications.

The OH0130 is claimed to be a cost-effective option for creating a CCU system platform that can process higher, full-HD resolution images of up to 1080p from a broad range of image sensors with a single board. It accepts dual inputs for either a MIPI interface or a four-wire analogue interface, making it compatible with OmniVision’s entire portfolio of medical image sensors. The OH0130 also has USB 3.0 Type C, HD output, in a small form factor that can fit into the handle of a larger endoscope or into a CCU.

USB-C connectivity enables developers to create their own user interfaces and perform post-processing of the image for enhanced diagnostics.

OmniVision also provides a software development kit (SDK) to speed the design of interfaces and applications. This kit features callable APIs, eliminating the need to write lower level code.

The OH0130 also includes an LED control board that can adjust the image brightness. The OH0130 is suitable for a range of endoscopic procedures, including airway management and urology, using esophagoscopes, laryngoscopes, thorascopes, pleuroscopes, bronchoscopes, mediastinoscopes and utero-renoscopes.

The OH0120 and OH0130 are both medically pre-certified to comply with IEC 60601 (ESD, EMC, EMI, patient isolation). They also comply with REACH and RoHS. They are manufactured in facilities certified to the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards.

Samples of OmniVision’s new OH0120 and OH0130 OVMed ISP boards are available now.

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