Omron claims automated robotic system is a world-first

A robotic integrated controller, the NJ501-R, has been released by Omron. It is based on its NJ series of machine controllers for industrial automation.

The integrated controller makes it possible to automate advanced and complex manual work and simulate the design and modification of production facilities in a virtual environment, and conduct maintenance remotely, says Omron.

The NJ501-R machine controller offers real-time synchronisation between all automation equipment, including robots, vision components, drives, and safety equipment. Improving the speed and accuracy of production, users can simulate entire production lines without having to deploy physical equipment. This will simplify maintenance, and reduce time-to-market during the design, planning, commissioning, and changeover processes.

Traditionally, automation equipment for production facilities has been controlled by a number of controllers which can create challenges at set up and co-ordinating the speed and timing between devices. It is also difficult to verify a process design in advance and after the equipment is commissioned, adjustments need to be made onsite. Back tracking and specification changes are common, resulting adding man hours to the project.

The NJ501-R robotic integrated controller automates inserting and assembling processes. Robots and equipment are controlled and fully synchronised in real-time by a single controller, and is claimed to achieve the world’s highest level of throughput.

Omron has also unified the programming languages for robot and machine control, to simulate a production line with single programming software. The system visualises the process, reducing process design and operational verification by up to 50 per cent, claims Omron.

Sysmac Studio’s user interface allows users to design, program, troubleshoot, operate and maintain future automation systems remotely from anywhere in the world.

Omron provides control components and equipment, ranging from image-processing sensors and other input devices to various controllers and output devices such as servo motors, as well as a range of safety devices and industrial robots. By combining these devices via software, Omron has developed a variety of automation solutions for manufacturers worldwide.

Omron specialises in the field of automation, covering industrial automation and electronic components to automotive electronic components, social infrastructure systems, healthcare, and environmental solutions.

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