Optical sensor head tops Yokogawa’s modular optical test platform

The AQ2200-232 is a high-performance optical sensor head which joins Yokogawa’s existing family of optical power meters modules (the AQ2200-215 and AQ2200-221) as part of the company’s modular optical test platform.

The AQ2200-232 sensor head is used in conjunction with the dual-port AQ2200-202 interface module, and is targeted at making accurate measurements in challenging applications such as power testing of laser chips in free space light, I/L curve measurement of laser-diode modules and multi-core fibre measurements (with an MPO connector adapter).

Key features of the AQ2200-232 sensor head are a 5.0mm diameter cooled detector, suitable for measurements in free space, a wavelength measurement range from 800 to 1700nm, and a power measurement range of +15 to -90dBm. It also offers best-in-class uncertainty of ±1.8 per cent, claims Yokogawa, high stability with constant-temperature control, and a wide single-range power range of 30dB.

This optical sensor head expands Yokogawa’s multi-application modular optical test platform in line with market demands for higher-speed automatic testing of optical devices in free space, which helps to reduce testing time – and hence costs – compared to fibre-coupled tests, explains Terry Marrinan, vice president sales and marketing, Yokogawa Europe and South-East Asia. “Post-production testing of laser diodes needs to be fast because the increasing market demand requires higher quantities and cheaper products, and the fastest way to measure their output is by measuring it in free space to eliminate the time involved in connecting and disconnecting the optical fibre to each laser produced,” he adds.

Until now sensors currently available on the market were not sensitive enough to obtain high-precision test results, says Yokogawa. The sensor’s reading should also be as accurate as possible because certain lasers emit low power by design (to respect international safety regulations) and their characterisation must be precise to be sure the laser is emitting the highest possible power without breaking the relevant safety laws.

Yokogawa has worked closely with the manufacturers of laser diodes in the development of the AQ2200-232. The large-diameter photo-detector surface and the 30 dB power range of the sensor head allows the AQ2200-232 to measure signals at high resolution under optimum conditions for what Yokogawa claims is best-in-class sensitivity and accuracy.


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