Optical sensors capture 3D and 2D for consumer electronics

Imaging capability, precision and speed are combined in the Confocal sensors from FocalSpec. The company says that the sensors enable consumer electronics manufacturers to capture not just 3D topography and 2D intensity data, but also 3D tomography with a speed of up to 27,000,000 data points per second.

They offer simultaneous 3D topographic, 3D tomographic and 2D intensity imaging with high resolution and a maximum measurement speed of 16,000 profiles per second x 1,728 data points per profile for 27,648,000 data points per second.

The LCI1220 and LCI1620sensors work with any material, says FocalSpec, including transparent materials, glossy, and matt surfaces

The LCI1220 and LCI1620 can be used to inspect any surface types, including curved, transparent and multi-layered materials. Inspection can be at a speed of up to 16,000 profiles per second and Z-repeatability of 0.19 to 0.25 microns.

The system integrators can integrate the sensors into new machine vision systems or existing manufacturing lines. Current applications include surface profiling and tomographic imaging of smartphones with 3D curved glass, surface roughness measurement of any material including transparent or shiny surfaces, and the inspection of transparent glues and inks in the printed and flexible electronics industry.

The new FocalSpec sensors will be introduced for the first time at IMID in South Korea (8 to 11 October), SEMICON Europa in Munich, Germany (12 to 15 November) and C-Touch & Display in Shenzen, China (21 to 23 November).

FocalSpec is a global pioneer in designing and manufacturing high-precision optical sensors. The world’s biggest mobile device manufacturers are currently using FocalSpec sensors in a range of demanding applications, reports the company.

The company’s headquarters are located in Oulu, Finland. FocalSpec operates globally through its subsidiaries in China and the USA, as well as via a skilled network of integrators and distribution partners.


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