Optical transceiver achieves 1.25Gbits per second transmission

Fibre optic communications at a data transmission speed of 1.25Gbits per second are enabled using the P166k71-01AS optical transceiver developed by Hamamatsu Photonics.

The company applied its opto semiconductor manufacturing design technology to increase transmission speed from optical link products with a maximum data transmission speed of 150Mbits per second to significantly increase transmission speed. Standard-compliant optical connectors attach to the preferred optical fibres, depending on the application. For short-distance board-to-board communication within the equipment, the P16671-01AS is usable with inexpensive POF (plastic optical fibres) achieving high speed data communication at a low cost, said Hamamatsu Photonics. When used with HPCF (hard plastic clad fibres) or large-diameter glass optical fibres the data transmission distance can be extended up to 100 meters for setting up a network or communicating between devices or equipment. 

The P16671-01AS optical transceiver is available to domestic and overseas manufacturers of medical equipment, scientific and laboratory instruments, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. 

Newly developed 1.25Gbits per second optical transceiver achieving high speed communications at a low cost, said Hamamatsu Photonics.

The P16671-01AS is a compact, low-cost optical transceiver. It consists of an optical transmitter for converting electrical signals into optical signals, an optical receiver for converting optical signals into electrical signals, and lens/connector assemblies for connecting to optical fibres. 

Hamamatsu Photonics designs, manufactures and markets fibre-optic communication products. This includes transmitter photo ICs which are integrated with a light emitter and a driver circuit as well as receiver photo ICs which are integrated with a light sensor and signal processing circuit, capable of a maximum data transmission speed of 150Mbits per second. 

The company has been developing optical transceivers that deliver higher speed data communication and include optical connectors that couple to optical fibres. 

The P16671- 01AS optical transceiver uses a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) that operates at higher speeds to further increase the data transmission speed. Handling the VCSEL is more difficult than an LED because the VCSEL light output differs from product to product and the output also fluctuates with changes in ambient temperature. For stable operation, the P16671-01AS employs a driver IC that compensates for different light outputs from individual VCSEL. The P16671-01AS also uses a high-speed light sensor and a signal processing IC that maximises the light sensor characteristics, which were designed in-house. This led to the development of an optical transceiver with a data transmission speed of 1.25Gbits per second. 

Practical applications of the P16671-01AS include short-distance board-to-board communications using POF in equipment such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, scientific and laboratory instruments and measuring instruments as well as image and video transmission in medical equipment. 


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