Optocouplers offer 800V off-state for home appliances and industrial equipment

Two optocouplers with a phototriac output  have been released by Vishay Semiconductors, in the compact, flat SOP-4 package.

The VOT8024AM and VOT8121AM feature high off-state voltage of 800V and dV/dt of 1000V/micro seconds. Vishay Semiconductors says they deliver high robustness and noise isolation for home appliances and industrial equipment.

The optocouplers isolate low voltage logic from 120V AC, 240V AC, and 380V AC lines to control resistive, inductive, or capacitive loads, including motors, solenoids, high current thyristors, or TRIACs and relays. The devices reduce design costs and save board space, says Vishay, combining a GaAs infra red LED optically coupled to either a zero-crossing TRIAC (VOT8024AM) for EMI reduction without the need for external snubber networks, or a random-phase TRIAC (VOT8121AM) to enable phase-independent switching.

The high off-state voltage of the VOT8024AM and VOT8121AM enhances safety margins in one-phase applications while still maintaining enough voltage headroom for three-phase applications, explains Vishay. For additional safety, the optocouplers offer a withstanding isolation voltage of 3750V rms. Low trigger currents of 5.0mA for the VOT8024AM and 10mA for the VOT8121AM facilitate an easy interface with digital logic.

Typical applications for the RoHS-compliant optocouplers include power TRIAC drivers in solid-state relays, three-phase air conditioners, boilers, thermostats, industrial motor control and power line switching, and motor, lamp, and valve control in household appliances.

Samples and production quantities of the VOT8024AM and VOT8121AM are available now, with lead times of six to eight weeks.

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