Package with clip cuts size of high-current power transistor

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has used a TO-leadless (TOLL) package combined with its 40V shield-gate technology (SGT) to create a compact power transistor that has the ability to carry currents of up to 400A.

The TOLL package takes advantage of an AOS-designed clip to achieve a current-handling capability of 400A DC at 25 degrees C. The TOLL packaging technology offers very low package resistance and inductance owing to the clip technology compared with other TOLL packages that use standard wirebonding technology. The clip also enables improved EMI performance, says the company.

Compared with an equivalent part packaged in a TO-263 D2PAK, the 40V AOTL66401 is said to occupy a 30 per cent smaller footprint. It also offers higher current carry capability, enabling designers to reduce the number of devices they need to deploy in parallel.

With a high power density, the AOTL66401 is suited to industrial BLDC motor applications and battery management, especially where designers are looking to reduce the number of MOSFETs used.

The AOTL66401 has a 0.7m-Ohm maximum on-resistance at 10Vgs with a maximum drain current of 400A at 25 degrees C and 350A at 100 degrees C case temperature. The pulsed current is rated at 1600A, which is limited by the maximum junction temperature of 175 degrees C.

The AOTL66401 is available immediately in production quantities with a lead-time of 12-14 weeks. The unit price for 1000 pieces is $3.90.

“With the significant performance improvement, the TOLL with clip technology is a robust package which enables low package parasitics reducing EMI. The AOTL66401 simplifies new designs with the higher current density to enable savings in overall system cost owing to a reduced number of devices in parallel. AOS’ TOLL package is best suited to high power applications,” said Peter Wilson, director of product marketing at AOS.

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