Packing power into small spaces

A single output power supply from Vox Power delivers 300W from a small, compact footprint designed for smaller spaces.

The VCCS300S is a tiny conduction cooled power supply that delivers 300W of silent and dust-free output power from a form factor with dimensions of just 4.0 x 2.0 x 1.61inch (101.6 x 50.8 x 40.89mm). It has been designed for the global industrial sector with high efficiency and reliability, says Vox Power, to offer maximum flexibility to design engineers during system integration. It is particularly suitable for robotics, automation, test and measurement and areas like industrial lasers and 3D printers.

The conduction cooled power supply weighs just 310g. According to Vox Power, it delivers best in class performance capable of delivering up to 80 per cent more power than competitive products in the same package. The VCCS300S can also be convection or forced-air cooled according to the application or to satisfy the needs of the working environment.

Vox Power’s CTO, Brian McDonald, said the power supply achieves very high efficiencies of up to 95 per cent and, when mounted correctly, its cooling techniques allow for very effective heat dissipation enabling full power operation up to 40 degrees C ambient. The power supply complies with UL/IEC62368-1 as well as various MIL-STD standards which makes it very suitable for ruggedised environments.

By bringing units together, either in parallel or in series, output power can be scaled to 600W, 900W and beyond making the power supply suitable as a power platform

Input voltage range is 85 to 264V AC (0.99 power factor) and output voltages are set initially at 12, 24 and 48V DC with in-between voltages up to 58V DC available on request.

In addition to 95 per cent efficiency, the VCCS300S includes low leakage and touch current levels and protection against over-voltage and over-temperature, both with auto restart. Over-current and short circuit protection are also standard.

“What we have done with the VCCS300S is successfully converge two power market segments” says Marco Prinsloo, Vox Power’s CEO. Miniaturised applications may have limited space for a power supply but have increased power requirements whereas higher power applications, where customers want to reduce the size of their offerings but are limited by the size of higher power units available. “The VCCS300S delivers output power levels which have historically only been available from much larger 5.0 x 3.0inch power supplies,” he said.

The power supply is available from a global distribution network and, in common with all its products, Vox Power backs the VCCS300S with a five-year warranty.

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