Parker Chromerics releases its lowest durometer fluorosilicone-based material

Cho-Seal 6750 is the latest EMI shielding material with “excellent environmental sealing” said the Chomerics division of Parker Hannifin. It is the lowest durometer fluorosilicone-based material in its conductive elastomer product family.
This softer material enables “exceptional” environmental sealing and shielding with relatively low compression force, said the company. It can also be used against many materials without the risk of the plastic deforming, for design freedom.

Cho-Seal 6750 is a cost-effective, nickel graphite-filled fluorosilicone EMI shielding material offering high temperature capability (up to 200 degrees C continuous use) and chemical resistance. The mechanical and physical properties of the fluorosilicone (FVMQ) binder allow it to withstand harsh fluids and chemicals that include machining coolants, hydraulic fluids, mineral oils and various fuels.

As an electrically conductive fluorosilicone elastomer, it provides consistent EMI shielding across a broad frequency spectrum. Using the CHO-TP08 test method from Parker Chomerics,

Cho-Seal 6750 delivers good EMI shielding across a broad frequency spectrum, operating at 55dB at 200kHz (H field), 129dB at 100MHz (E field), 100dB at 500MHz (E field), 115dB at 2GHz (plane wave) and 117dB at 10GHz (plane wave).

With a low Shore A durometer of 53 ±5, Cho-Seal 6750 is for EMI shielding applications such as military electronics housings, aerospace modules, connector interfaces, telecommunications equipment and industrial products. The RoHS-compliant material ensures the safeguarding of sensitive electronics against the ingress of dust and moisture.

Cho-Seal 6750 is available in a variety of moulded, sheet stock and die-cut/waterjet cut (non-abrasive waterjet) formats. Moulded formats include O-rings, D-rings and custom shapes. If required, sheet stock can be supplied with an electrically conductive acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) to aid the assembly process.

Chomerics is a division of Parker Hannifin and is part of its Engineered Materials group. It specialises in development and application of electrically and thermally conductive materials in electronics, transportation and alternative energy systems.
Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies..

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