PI releases programmable ZVS switcher ICS for USB PD and UFCS adaptors

The PI InnoSwitch4-Pro family of digitally controllable, offline zero voltage switching flyback switcher ICs combine a 750.0V PowiGaN primary switch, controller, FluxLink isolation, I²C interface, active clamp drive and synchronous rectification in a single IC, exceeding 95 per cent efficiency without heatsinks in ultra-compact, USB PD and UFCS compatible adapters up to 220W.

The InnoSwitch4-Pro family of I²Cs reduces the size of power adapters. Switching frequency of up to 140kHz and a high level of integration combine to reduce the component volume and PCB board area required by a typical adapter implementation, claims the company.

InnoSwitch4-Pro interfaces with the ClampZero family of active clamp ICs to achieve zero voltage switching in both continuous and discontinuous conduction modes. Alternatively, InnoSwich4-Pro can operate in QR mode using an RCD clamp with the appropriate part.

Overall system efficiency exceeds 95 per cent, allowing designers to eliminate heat sinks, spreaders and potting materials for thermal management, further reducing size, component cost and manufacturing complexity. The integration of PowiGaN primary switch and controller, isolated feedback and secondary controller with an I²C interface simplifiy the development and manufacturing of fully programmable power supplies.

Advanced protection and safety features include series load switch short-circuit protection, disable output fault response, fast input line UV/OV protection, programmable output OV/UV fault detection and response, open SR fet gate detection, hysteretic thermal shutdown and programmable watchdog timer for system faults.

Applications include high density power adapters, multiprotocol adapters including USB PD + PPS, QC, VOOC, VFC, SCP, direct-charge mobile device chargers, multi-chemistry tool and general purpose battery chargers, adjustable CV and CC LED ballast.

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