PIR motion sensors have wide and long detection ranges

PaPIRs are compact, long range, passive infra red motion sensors by Panasonic Industry. They are designed to ease the use of motion sensing in street lighting and aisle applications.

According to Panasonic Industry they are the world’s most compact long range PIR motion sensors and now include the Ultra Wide and the Long Distance Detection type which is able to be installed at heights up to 15 metres and with a maximum field of view of 91.6 x 45.4 degrees. These capabilities set new standards in terms of lens size, detection area and integration options, said Panasonic.

The small size possible with PIR technology contributes to the miniaturisation of motion detectors and the pyroelectric sensor elements are extremely sensitive explained the company. The lens diameter is only 32.6mm yet with a detection area of 30.9 x 12.6 meters at an installation height of 15 meters, the new Ultra Wide and Long Distance Detection Type can be used in high ceiling installations. 

The configuration of the 188 detection zones enables detection of radial movement and minimises blind spots, added Panasonic. By precisely identifying human presence, the sensor provides accurate data for lighting control, resulting in not just optimal illumination but also significant energy savings.

The motion sensor is also easy to install and integrate into existing lighting systems, claimed Panasonic Industry. the design features both digital (open-drain output) and analogue (op amp output) interfaces. It also supports seamless integration with various lighting control protocols. The robust and UV-stabilised lens makes the sensor suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

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