PLEDs support fluorescent lighting tubes and maintain ballast drivers

A series of PLEDs with a low holding current (21mA) makes the ballast drivers widely used in the output of fluorescent tubes compatible with modern replacement LED strings or tubes. This eliminates the need to scrap otherwise still-working ballasts when replacing fluorescent lighting tubes with LED strings or tubes, says Littelfuse.

The PLED low holding current series also ensures that the ballast will be able to activate the LED string or tube. This is particularly important for ballasts that require the ability to detect high voltage outputs during ignition, explains Littelfuse.

Typical applications for low holding current series PLEDs include replacing both indoor and outdoor fluorescent lighting tubes with LED lighting tubes or strings.

The PLEDs offer the opportunity to reduce their LED driver cost and avoid discarding still-functional ballasts, said Meng Wang, product marketing manager for LED protectors at Littelfuse. The series can make less expensive LED drivers that are still compatible with the ballast’s output.

They have a small footprint in a DO-214AA package for layout flexibility. It is particularly suitable for use in dense board applications.

The low threshold voltage (2V maximum.) means less switching loss, adds Littelfuse.​

The PLEDs are available in tape and reel format in quantities of 2,500. Sample requests may be placed through authorised Littelfuse distributors worldwide.

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