Poke-home connector has no wire stop for rugged applications

Designed for use in solid state lighting (SSL), industrial, and other ruggedised applications, the 2.5mm 70-9296 series Stript insulator-less, single position connector has contacts which accept an industry-leading range of wire gauges extending up to 20AWG. The connector, with horizontal, poke-home contacts provides maximum mechanical stability and wire retention strength, says AVX. It also effectively absorbs variable PCB and module mating tolerances, claims the company.

The 2.5mm poke-home contact is the latest addition to AVX’s 70-9296 series Stript insulator-less, single-position, horizontal, poke-home contacts. It combines a low profile with what is claimed to be an industry-leading range of compatible wire gauges, 20 to 26AWG solid and stranded wire. It is believed to be the first on the market to offer variants both with and without a wire stop.

It can be used in SSL, industrial machine control, sensor, smart grid, building control, security system, and other ruggedised, space-constrained board-to-board, module-to-module, and wire-to-board applications. The 2.5mm 70-9296 series poke-home contact has a closed, dual-beam, high-spring-force, box contact design with robust, fatigue-resistant, phosphor bronze contact beams and an integral centreing guide, for proper positioning and to provide mechanical stability and wire/pin retention strength.

In addition, the variant without a wire stop allows traditional pin jumpers to pass through the back of the contact unrestricted, rather than halting travel at the back of an insulator, effectively absorbing variable PCB and module mating tolerances in linear board-to-board applications.

The 70-9296 series 2.5mm poke-home contacts are rated for 300V AC based on contact spacing, six to 12A based on AWG, five-cycle durability, and operating temperatures extending from -40 to +125 degree C. They are also mating compatible with competitors’ jumpers and are packaged on tape and reel for automated SMT placement.

Stript contacts provide alternatives to larger and more expensive one- and two-piece insulated connectors, as well as inexpensive, but unreliable hand-soldered connections, asserts AVX. They surface-mounted to PCBs, compatible with solid and stranded wires, have integral wire guides and, with the exception of one variant, have a wire stop. Five sizes are available, 1.7, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0mm.


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