Polyethylene labels are tamper-proof for industry

Tamper proof labels that fracture upon removal are available from TE Connectivity (TE). The Tamper Evident Destructible Polyethylene Labels (TN) are thermal transfer printable, tamper proof destructible polyethylene labels with a rubber adhesive, designed to fracture upon removal after 72 hours. The labels are suitable for serial number labels and calibration information labelling, for example, says TE.

“The TN labels are ideal for security applications,” said Stephen Earley, global product manager, Identification Systems, TE. “If a TN label is removed, the label breaks or factures into small pieces, making a very clear indicator of tampering.”

TN labels are thermal transfer printable and UL registered – UL969 PGDQ2 MH17292. The UL certification PGDQ2 Marking and Labeling Systems tests labels in accordance with the ANSI/UL 969 standard. The UL Marking and Labeling Systems program covers labels and label materials in accordance with prescribed permanence of marking performance requirements to be used to display information.

TE Connectivity provides connectivity and sensor products for transportation, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communications, and the home. TE employs 75,000 people – including more than 7,000 engineers – working alongside customers in nearly 150 countries.

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