Position sensor IC is ASIL-ready

Melexis has released the next-generation Triaxis position sensor IC. The integrated magnetic position sensor, is ASIL-ready for demanding automotive applications.
 The MLX90371 and MLX90372 provide robust absolute position sensing for automotive applications, such as powertrain actuators, pedals, and gear shifters.
Both position sensor ICs consist of a Triaxis Hall magnetic front end, an analogue to digital signal conditioner, a digital signal processor (DSP) for advanced signal processing and an output stage driver. The integrated magneto concentrator (IMC) ensures the ICs are sensitive to magnetic flux in three planes (X, Y and Z) for decoding the absolute rotary or linear position of any moving magnet, enabling the design of non-contact position sensors.

The MLX90371 offers analogue or pulse width modulation (PWM) output while the MLX90372 offers SENT (SAE J2716 rev Apr 2016)  or PWM output.
The MLX90371 and MLX90372 are robust against stray fields that are increasingly present due to the electrification of modern vehicles, especially electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid EVs (HEVs), explains Melexis. By measuring a magnetic field gradient, the IC is intrinsically insensitive to stray fields up to 4kA/m (or 5mT), which are the levels required by many major automotive manufacturers. The ability to operate with a reduced magnetic field means that smaller and lower-cost magnets can also be used, an advantage in space- and cost-constrained automotive applications, Melexis points out.
The MLX90372 includes an additional input pin that makes it possible to fully integrate other sensors (such as temperature, pressure, or switch inputs) allowing for the additional signal to be transmitted over the SENT output, reducing wire harness size and complexity.
The MLX90371 and MLX90372 are available in several versions for rotary and linear motion sensing and are a drop-in replacement for the MLX90364, MLX90365, MLX90366 and MLX90367. A PCB-less dual mould package (DMP) is available for integration directly into an assembly without requiring a PCB.

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