Power simulator tests Microchip’s SiC at design phase

Microchip’s SiC power devices and modules can be evaluated across various topologies by the MPLAB SiC power simulator. The Plecs-based tool quickly evaluates solutions across power-switching topologies before committing design to hardware, said Microchip.

The MPLAB SiC power simulator is a Plecs-based software environment, designed in collaboration with Plexim, to provide an online complimentary tool that eliminates the need to purchase a simulation license. The simulator accelerates the design process of various SiC-based power topologies allowing customers to confidently benchmark and evaluate SiC solutions in the design phase.  

Clayton Pillion, vice president of Microchip’s SiC business unit commented: “With over two decades of investment in silicon carbide, Microchip provides our customers with versatile power solutions in its SiC portfolio that can easily be designed with other Microchip companion devices.”

The tool can speed up time to market by delivering a comprehensive SiC evaluation that provides benchmarking data but also reduces component selection times. For example, said Microchip, a power electronics designer deciding between a 25 mOhm and 40 mOhm SiC MOSFET for a three-phase active front end converter can get immediate simulation results, such as average power dissipation and peak junction temperature of the devices. 

The MPLAB SiC power simulator is intended for use by OEMs designing power systems for e-mobility, sustainability and industrial applications that include electric vehicles, on/off-board charging, power supplies and battery storage systems.

Microchip’s SiC portfolio includes industry-leading power module packaging with the lowest parasitic inductance (less than 2.9 nH), and 3.3kV discrete MOSFETs and diodes with the highest current ratings available. The SiC portfolio also includes 700V, 1200V and 1700V die, discretes and modules, as well as AgileSwitch configurable digital gate drivers. 

Microchip’s MPLAB SiC power simulator is complimentary and can be accessed via the company’s website.

Microchip Technology provides smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions. Its development tools and product portfolio enable customers to create optimal designs which reduce risk while lowering total system cost and time to market. The company serves customers across the industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace and defence, communications and computing markets. 


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