Pre-fabricated cables and interfaces to build energy storage systems

Designed for front-mounting energy storage systems, the Han S enables users to build energy storage systems on the basis of battery modules. Harting now offers the interfaces with pre-fabricated cable assemblies to shorten installation times and reduce the wiring required on site.

The Han S 200 CA-c-b/r 25², CA-c-b/r 35² and CA-c-b/r 50mm² assemblies are available with cable lengths of 200, 300 and 500mm. They can be used at temperatures ranging between -50 to +120 degrees C and are made from a material which is halogen-free as well as ozone-resistant. The voltage limits are 1.8kV (25mm²) to 3kV (50mm²) AC and 2.7 (25mm²) to 4.5kV (50mm²) DC. The Han S assemblies meet a variety of standards, including EN 45545-2 and NF F 16-101.

Han S can be used for the safe construction of battery storage systems, meeting technical requirements, including the new UL 4128 standard for stationary energy storage systems, which is currently the highest standard the market requires.

The single-pin connector can be used for front-mounting drawers on energy storage devices and can transmit rated currents of up to 200A at 1,500V. The connector has finger-protected contacts for safe installation with various types of connection (M8 bolts or bus bars). Users can also visually check the locking status. The connector is vibration-proof and comes in two different colours, red (+) and black (-). The Han S features a mechanical coding system that makes it impossible to incorrectly connect the polarity. This feature makes it suitable for connecting large numbers of battery modules.

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