PTA03-3.3ULC TVS hybrid array protects high speed data lines

Designed to protect high speed data line applications from the damaging effects of ESD, EFT and secondary transient threats, the PTA03-3.3ULC is available from Inelco Hunter.

The high power, low capacitance TVS hybrid array Gigabit Ethernet protector by ProTek Devices, is a differential-mode port, fast transient protection array that features low capacitance using a hybrid TVS and thyristor structure. It offers lower capacitance than its predecessor at 1.5pF (differential mode) at TJ=75 degrees C.
The protection device can withstand 2kW peak pulse power per 1.2/50 to 8/20 microseconds surge pulse.

According to Inelco Hunter, the PTA03-3.3ULC allows for additional peak current handling capability and features a very low clamping voltage.

It is available in an SOIC-8 package configuration and can be used for Gigabit Ethernet applications in telecomms equipment. In particular, it protects a single data line pair and can meet Bellcore GR1089 surge requirements, also meeting IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61000-4-4 and IEC 61000-4-5 circuit protection requirements.

It can also be used in T1/E1 line cards, ISDN U-interfaces, ISDN S/T interfaces, YUSL interfaces, Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base T and set top box interfaces.

Samples are available on request.

Inelco Hunter offers engineering support to ensure rapid implementation, speeding up the customer’s time-to-market. Inelco’s engineers will work with SME engineers, to develop custom software for example, setting the company apart from “stock & ship” distributors.

Inelco Hunter has developed its Totally Embedded range of services and embedded hardware/software solutions which include camera modules, System on modules (SoMs), smart display modules, embedded systems, thermal printers, connectors and cable harnesses.

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