PureLiFi introduces Gbit LiFi at MWC19 for mobile devices.

Consumer-ready Gbit LiFi will be demonstrated at MWC19 in Barcelona by pureLiFi. It is believed to be the first Gbit LiFi components, ready for mobile devices.

The optical LiFi components are not only fast, but also reliable, virtually interference free and secure to what are described as “unique standards” in wireless security, as light is inherently more secure than radio technology such as wi-fi or cellular.

The optical components will allow mobile device manufacturers to start designing LiFi into mobile handsets, says pureLiFi.  CEO, Alistair Banham, says that now is the time for LiFi to move into the consumer realm. “The ecosystem is crying out for new spectrum and new wireless technology that will service the global appetite for more bandwidth and digital innovation,” he says. “Device manufacturers need new technology to be sure they’re ready for 5G and differentiate between their competition,” he adds.

The company says it has led global adoption of LiFi into critical use cases such as government and industry and is now bringing the technology into every device and every light for everyone.

As a wireless technology, LiFi solves challenges faced by 5G, making it of interest to mobile device manufacturers and telecommunication providers. In 2018, Telefonica announced a trial with pureLiFi for 5G indoor communications. LiFi delivers 1,000 the bandwidth of traditional wireless, offers low latency and can service more user per square metre than any other wireless technology on the market, claims pureLiFi.

An international group of experts from companies such as Intel, TI, Quantenna, Cisco and HPE have developed the standard for light communications based on the wi-fi standard in IEEE 802.11. The LiFi standard in 802.11bb is set for release in 2021.

LiFi can transform everyday wireless communication with demand for wireless connectivity to meet the fast growth in smart living, massive IoT, autonomous vehicles, VR and AR.


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