Push-in PCB connectors save time, says TE Connectivity

Compact wire-to-board PCB connectors with field-installable, time-saving push-in clamp termination make up the D-2970 Dynamic series by TE Connectivity. The 5.0mm pitch PCB connector operates at up to 20A and 400V at a typical ambient application temperature of 55 degrees C without further derating.

The D-2970 Dynamic connectors incorporate features to meet strict safety requirements, including an audible and tactile locking latch to ensure safe mating. The design also includes a robust housing, contacts that support shock- and vibration-exposed applications and an IP20 “finger safe” housing that prevents unintended operator contact with live components. The D-2970 also meets the IEC EN 61800-5 standard for adjustable speed electrical power drive systems.

The push-in clamp and single-hand-operating centre-locking lever are both designed to require no tooling. This makes it possible to cut mating time by up to 90 per cent, says TE, compared with connectors using screw-latch locking systems. The centre-locking lever has clear tactile and audible mating feedback. Toolless wire release is also possible, thanks to the 50 per cent lower insertion force, which allows users to release the wire without injuring their fingertips.

The D-2970 is available with three different angled male headers, all mating with the same female plug. The initial configuration has three or four positions, which will be extended with versions with anywhere from two to 12 positions during 2020, reveals TE.

The D-2970 will be fully compliant with UL and IEC regulations and extensively tested at UL and VDE certified laboratories, supporting customer approval processes. It uses materials that conform with regulatory requirements such as RohS and Reach, and which obtain a V-0 rating under the UL 94 flammability standard while remaining low-halogen according to IEC EN 61249-2. (The male housing is injection moulded in LCP and the female housing is in PBT). The series also meets the IEC EN 60335-1 standard for domestic home appliances.

The strong locking latch allows a small form factor with a header height of under 9.0mm. This can save valuable space within the cabinet, providing a width-saving up to 26 per cent for a two-pole connector or 13 per centfor a six-pole connector compared with connectors using side locking, says the company. This allows a side-stackable PCB mounting of several headers to be located next to each other.

D-2970 Dynamic Flex Push-In headers are suitable for through-hole reflow. They are available without the need for a pick-up cap, saving waste and are offered in box packaging. Tape and reel packaging is available on request. The header resin is MSL 1 (Moisture Sensitivity Level) -compliant, which prevents the soldering component from absorbing any water during shipment, storage and manufacturing, even in high humidity environments. This allows a floor and storage life of at least two years.

TE Connectivity expects the Dynamic Series D-2970 Push-In PCB connectors to be used in diverse applications, including power inlets and outlets for PLCs and servo/inverter drives, industrial micro controls, robot control units and controls in building automation and household appliances.


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