Push-pull system increases installer productivity

Connector and sensor supplier, TE Connectivity (TE), has extended its M12 portfolio of connectors and cable assemblies with the introduction of its Push-Pull system technology. The push-pull variant saves time, is backwards compatible and does not require additional tools to be installed, says TE, thus streamlining the entire M12 installation process.

“M12 Push-Pull system provides a slim, fast and reliable solution which helps reduce assembly times while providing dependable and secure connections,” says Ted Szarkowski, TE product manager. He said that higher worker productivity and increased production time, with less risk of intermittent or loose connections will manifest as a rapid return on investment for device manufacturers and system integrators.

Installing M12 components with the push-pull technology can save up to 75 per cent of installation time, because it can be installed reliably by hand without the need for additional tools or a clear line of sight to the connection. The locking technology provides haptic and acoustic feedback to ensure a solid connection. The push-pull technology locks inside the mechanism to provide mechanical stability even under torsion stress to provide a reliable connection in a fraction of the time, says TE.

It also allows fast and secure locking and unlocking as it only requires the same outer space as standard screw type versions, added Szarkowski. The locking design is claimed to eliminate connector-related intermittent signals in even the harshest environments. “Fewer intermittent signals mean less downtime and better productivity,” he said.

To ensure compatibility with designs all over the world, the push-pull interface is IEC compliant and is compatible with standard M12 connectors. It meets the IEC 61076-2-012 specifications for circular connectors with inner push-pull locking according to IEC 61076-2-101, 109, 113 and IEC 61076-211 2-111.

In addition to IEC compliance, the push-pull system meets the UL 2238 standard for cable assemblies and fittings for industrial control and signal distribution, and the UL 1863 standard for communications-circuit accessories. It also has an IP67 rating for resistance to intrusion of dust and water for reliable connectivity with a high integrity signal transmission, says TE.

The M12 push-pull system includes a low-profile female receptacle, compact panel-mount receptacles, cable assemblies and field installable connector solutions.


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