PXI matrix switch module sets capacity record says Pickering Interfaces

Available with up to 9,216 crosspoints, the 40-558 BRIC12 PXI matrix switch module has the industry’s highest capacity, claims Pickering Interfaces. The modular signal switching and simulation specialist has introduced the 12-slot BRIC configured modules to two of its PXI matrix switch models. The 1A 40-562B BRIC12 modules can hold up to 18 matrix daughtercards with up to 3,168 crosspoints. The 0.5A 40-558 BRIC12 modules can also hold up to 18 matrix daughtercards, offering up to 9,216 crosspoints, making it the industry’s highest capacity PXI matrix switch module, claims Pickering.

The modules join the earlier two-, four- and eight-slot versions. The 12-slot versions share characteristics such as an internal screened analogue bus that maximises signal integrity. The design negates the need to connect multiple matrix modules which increases the complexity of other modules as it adds cable and can reduce signal quality. The internal bus also minimises the cost and complexity of cable assemblies to the device under test (DUT) and instrumentation, claims Pickering. Internal isolation relays on the internal bus can reduce stub length issues, which provides improved signal quality. Pickering has a standard range of cables for the BRIC family and can construct custom cable assemblies for all its PXI modules.

Depending on the configuration, the BRIC12 40-558 models can support one-pole matrix sizes up to 1512 x 6, 1152 x 8, 756 x 12 and 576 x 16 and the 40-562B models can support one- and two-pole matrix sizes up to 792 x 4, 396 x 8, 198 x 16 or 90 x 32. All models are constructed using what are claimed to be the world’s smallest and highest reliability ruthenium reed relays from Pickering Electronics. They offer up to 109 operations to give maximum switching confidence with long life and very stable contact resistance.

Accessory support includes Pickering’s diagnostic tools, built in relay self-test (BIRST) and eBIRST switching system test tools, to find relay failures within the modules. Spare relays are fitted to the modules to facilitate easy maintenance with minimum downtime.


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