R-DIMM module expands scope of workstations

An over-clocked DDR5 (double data rate level 5) R-DIMM (registered dual inline memory module) developed by Adata supports the new Intel Xeon W processors. 

Claimed to be the first over-clocked DDR5 5600 R-DIMM is compatible with the Intel Xeon W-3400 and Intel Xeon W-2400 processors which replace the Intel Core X-series processors for the high end desktop or workstation segment. The Xeon W processors are stable and support over-clocking to optimise for high performance workloads, said Adata. The company said it is expanding workstation applications by launching over-clockable DDR5 5600 R-DIMM memory.

As computing operations and data processing requirements increase, current hardware configurations and expandability can no long meet these needs, said Adata. The production of overclocked R-DIMM memory delivers more uniform quality and offers better performance than standard workstation memory. Multi-tasking efficiency and graphics processing are also significantly improved and can be applied to 2D and 3D graphics, simulation analysis, or movie editing. Adata’s DDR5 5600 R-DIMM memory can reach speeds of 5600Mtransfers per second and uses SK Hynix A-die which increases bandwidth by 28 per cent and reduces latency by 12 per cent compared to native 4800 R-DIMM memory, said the company. 

Adata offers the memory module in 16Gbyte and 32Gbyte capacities and the module is Intel XMP 3.0-ready to support easier memory over-clocking on RDIMM. This provides professionals with performance from high memory speeds and reliability from ECC RDIMM, said the company.

A power management IC (PMIC) is integrated, which stabilises power supply, and there is also dual on-die ECC and side-band ECC (error code correction) mechanisms for end to end protection and accuracy during the data transmission process. 

The over-clocked DDR5 5600 R-DIMM meets the stringent requirements of commercial workstations.

It is scheduled to be available in 2Q23. Industrial-grade DDR5 4800 R-DIMMs compatible with the Intel Xeon platform are currently available from Adata.

Adata Technology is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of DRAM and branded solid state drives. Its main product lines include memory modules, solid state drives, other consumer-grade memory products, and industrial solutions. The company is based in Taiwan. 


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