RA2E1 microcontrollers expand RA family; address limited spaces and budgets

Designed for cost-sensitive and space-constrained applications, RA2E1 microcontrollers have been added to Renesas Electronics’ 32-bit RA2 series of microcontrollers.

Renesas has introduced 48 microcontrollers, based on the 48MHz, 32-bit Arm Cortex-M23 core. The RA2E1 microcontrollers are entry-line, single chip devices with up to 128kbyte code flash memory and 16kbyte SRAM.

The RA2E1 microcontrollers support a wide operating voltage range of 1.6 to 5.5V. They are offered in a selection of packages such as LQFP, QFN, LGA, BGA and a wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP).

Low power consumption, a selection of peripherals and small package options, mean they are suited to cost-sensitive applications and other systems requiring high performance and low energy consumption in space-constrained applications, says Renesas. They offer an upgrade path with hardware and software scalability as part of the Renesas RA family.

The RA2E1 Group can be used for consumer products, appliances and industrial equipment. Additionally, they serve as an entry point into the RA2 Series, “offering seamless upgrade to larger RA Family devices with hardware and software scalability,” said Roger Wendelken, senior vice president of Renesas’ IoT and Infrastructure business unit. 

The RA2E1 microcontrollers’ low power capability covers all on-chip peripherals, the flash memory and SRAM. This allows the smallest possible power consumption over the devices’ entire temperature and voltage range, claims Renesas.

Multiple low power modes maximise system design flexibility. When benchmarked for power consumption, the RA2E1 microcontrollers were certified with an EEMBC ULPMark score of 321 at 1.8V; a best-in-class power rating, says Renesas.

The RA2E1 microcontrollers also offer an IEC60730 self-test library and feature integrated safety functions that provide confirmation of normal operation. Customers can use these safety functions to perform microcontroller self-diagnostics.

The RA2E1 devices also include an AES cryptography accelerator, true random number generator (TRNG) and memory protection units.

Support is offered with the Flexible Software Package, which includes a HAL driver. A GUI simplifies and accelerates the development process, says Renesas, while also making it easy for customers to transition from an original 8/16-bit MCU design. Designers using the RA2E1 microcontrollers also have access to the Arm partner ecosystem.

The RA2E1 microcontrollers are available now.


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