Radome tester has modular software

Radomes and bumpers can be measured using the R&S QAR50 from Rohde & Schwarz. The tester’s design ensures short measurement times and accurate, reproducible results, says the company while a modular software concept allows the tester to be adapted to individual requirements.

Advanced driver assistance functions require automotive radar sensors which are usually installed behind bumpers or emblems. The R&S QAR measures radomes and bumpers in production. 

Radome quality depends on the transmission loss, reflectivity and homogeneity of the components under test. The R&S QAR and R&S QAR50 use microwave imaging, rather than conventional, unfocused single-point measurements. Particularly in production, simple and reliable operation and short cycle times are crucial, says Rohde & Schwarz. The R&S QAR50 interface simplifies measurements in the automotive radar frequency band, even for users without extensive RF knowledge, says the company. Numerous optimisations allow measurement times well below five seconds, significantly reducing cycle times in production.

The imaging method also provides information on whether the components under test are properly positioned. Single-point measurements only display the frequency response of reflectivity for a specific point, but the QAR50 tester also displays the spatial distribution of reflectivity. Tracking the point of maximum reflection provides information on component positioning. This method allows the transmit and receive antennae to be far apart without affecting the measurement results and therefore offering significantly more space for clamping and unclamping the components to be measured. The clearance height of around 1000mm between the antenna clusters minimises the mechanical effort required to position the components. This eliminates the need for robot positioners and carriages, and the enclosures required for occupational safety can be “significantly smaller”.

The modular software concept allows the R&S QAR50 to be cost-effectively adapted to the specific requirements of the vehicle manufacturer. Depending on the software configuration, complete limit tests for transmission loss, transmission phase, homogeneity and reflectivity can be performed in the frequency and spatial domains. All software options can be purchased later, ensuring long-term usability. 

The R&S QAR50 for measuring radomes and bumpers in production is available now.


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