Rapid test method detects defects in electronic assemblies

Coatings of electronic assemblies protect against interference, harsh climate conditions and harmful gases, contributing to the reliability of the assemblies. Without protection, there is the risk of damages that result in an edge escape at connection contacts and pore channels in paint pooling areas, for example.

The Coating Layer Test from Zestron shows defects in protective coatings or non-closed layers in micro-coatings which become visible via the appearance of black dyed indicators. It is a chemical test for localised detection of protective coating layer defects on PCBs.

The reliability of protective PCB assembly coatings, with regard to climate and harmful gas safety, is determined by the uniform application of the coating without interferences or gaps in the protective layer. In particular, it can highlight common trouble areas such as solder joint edges and pore channels in coating pooling areas, when lacking a proper coating layer, have detrimental effects on the final board assembly.

The Zestron Coating Layer Test uses a black colour reaction as a visual indicator of the defects in the protective coating, even in the case of micro-coatings. The test adds the standardised methods for coating thickness measurement by enabling rapid and non-destructive detection of closed and dense coatings. The test can also be used during production, for cost-effective sampling.

Zeston lists key benefits of the test as it is quick, easy, cost-effective and non-destructive. It is more precise than black light/ UV inspection as the thinner layers are detectable and shows coating defects and missing edge coverings. It also avoids the use of fluorescent agent.

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