Recom adds an open frame model to board-mount AC/DC range

Recom’s RACM30-K/277 range of low cost, board-mount AC/DCs now includes an open frame option. The company said that it is half the weight of existing potted versions. 

The efficient RACM30-K/277/OF series provides 30W continuous and up to 36W peak power over an ambient temperature range of -40 to +55 degrees C in free air (depending on variant) and up to +90 degrees C with derating. Input range is from 85V AC to 305V AC (120V to 430V DC) and outputs available are 5.0, 12, 15, 24, +/-12, and +/-15V. These are rated as ‘limited power source’, fully regulated and protected. 

The parts are earth-free, with class II insulation and are rated for Over-Voltage Category III (OVC III) and Pollution Degree 3 (PD3) environments up to 5000m altitude. 

Safety certifications include audio/video, ICT, test equipment, household, industrial, and MOPP medical, with 4kVAC/1 minute-rated isolation. The parts meet eco-design requirements for no-load/standby dissipation with near-flat efficiency curves down to light loads. All parts meet ‘class B’ EMC standards without external components with a wide margin, even with grounded outputs.

The RACM30-K/277/OF product includes Molex electrical connectors for input and output and measures 76.2 x 38.1 x 23mm with four mechanical fixings for PCB pillars, for convenient installation in end-equipment.

Typical applications include house-keeping power in EV chargers, industrial automation, medical, IoT, lighting and smart energy systems.

Michael Schrutka, Recom’s AC/DC product manager, said: “The open frame option now available makes the RACM30 range even more versatile and suits applications where minimization of weight is important”.

Parts include a three-year warranty, and samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorised distributors or directly from Recom.

Recom Power manufactures a full range of standard and customised DC/DC and AC/DC converters in every power class from sub-1W to tens of kW, switching regulators and LED drivers in a wide selection of formats. 

Recom’s headquarters are located in Gmunden, Austria, and include a logistics research and development centre and laboratory wing and is supported by a worldwide distribution network.

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