Recom offers 5W AC/DCs in a 3W footprint

Two 5W, board-mount AC/DC product ranges have been announced by Recom, with a choice of industry standard sizes and pin-outs. The RAC05E-K series is compatible with existing 3W part footprints and the RAC05E-KT series is in the EI30 transformer-pack style. Both series achieve 5.0W in the same footprint as other 3.0W parts on the market and are competitively prices, says the company. 

The input range for both is 90 to 264V AC (130 to 370V DC) and outputs available are 4.0, 5.0, 12, 15 and 24V. Outputs are semi-regulated but stay within ± five per cent over line, load and temperature variation from -25 to +55 degrees C. Both the -K and -KT variants will also operate to +75 degrees C with derating.

Safety certifications include UL / IEC / EN 62368-1 for IT or multimedia and IEC / EN 60335-1 for household applications, with reinforced / 3kV AC isolation. No-load power consumption is less than 100mW and the light load efficiency enables “significant” standby power to be drawn without exceeding ErP limits, says Recom.

The RAC05E-KT range meets EN 55014 and EN 55032 Class B EMC limits without external components while the RAC05E-K requires just a simple external filter. 

Full protection is provided against short circuits, output over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature with auto-recovery. Reliability of the parts is high with the -K series achieving over 1.6M hours MTBF at 25 degrees C and the -KT series achieving over 2.2M hours, backed up by the Recom three-year warranty.

According to Michael Schrutka, AC/DC product manager of Recom: “These low-cost AC/DCs are an excellent way to upgrade from 3.0W to 5.0W in the same footprint or to replace EI30 transformers with additional rectification and smoothing circuitry by just one highly efficient module”. They are suitable for industrial and building automation, ITE, office, household, IoT and test and measurement applications, where a semi-regulated output is sufficient.

Samples are available from all authorised distributors or directly from Recom.

Recom manufactures a full range of standard and customised DC/DC and AC/DC converters in every power class from sub-1W to tens of kW, as well as switching regulators and LED drivers in a wide selection of formats. 

Recom’s headquarters are located in Gmunden, Austria, and include a logistics research and development centre and laboratory wing. The company has a worldwide distribution network.

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