Recom releases AEC-Q100-qualified LED driver

Automotive-qualified parts from Recom not include the RPY-1.5Q 1.5A LED driver. The 1.5A-rated LED driver meets the requirements of AEC-Q100 with optional ‘wettable flanks’ to facilitiate automated optical inspection (AOI). The RPY-1.5A is supplied in a thermally-enhanced QFN package with integrated shielded inductor. Dimensions are just 3.0 x 5.0 x 1.6mm. 

The RPY-1.5Q operates over an input range of 4.0 to 36V DC, covering nominal 5.0, 12 or 24V. The LED driver can be adjusted for lower constant currents, and PWM (pulse width modulation) or analogue 0 to 100 per cent dimming is possible.

Temperature rating is -40 to +125 degrees C junction temperature and the design features an enable input and fault flag indicator. Protection is included against input under-voltage, over-temperature, and output short circuit and over-current.

In additon to applications in the automotive market, the RPY-1.5Q is also suitable for general visible or infrared lighting for buildings, drones, robotic camera systems. It can also be used as a precision current source in test and measurement.

The addition of wettable flanks means that joints can be inspected optically without the need for expensive and slow x-ray techniques and is being requested by automotive manufacturers, commented Recom.

Samples of the RPY-1/5Q are available from all authorised distributors or directly from Recom.

Recom Power manufactures a range of standard and customised DC/DC and AC/DC converters in every power class from sub-1W to tens of kW, alongside switching regulators and LED drivers in a selection of formats. 

The company headquarters are located in Gmunden, Austria with a logistics research and development centre and laboratory wing. The company has a worldwide distribution network.

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