Rectangular connectors provide an Ethernet interface

In line with the trend for miniaturisation in machine building and automation, Harting has introduced the Han 1A rectangular connectors as a new Ethernet interface.

Ethernet-based data networks have become indispensable in the industrial arena, says the company. They connect sensors, machinery, control systems, computers and data centres. The Han 1A series of miniaturised industrial connectors offer two new inserts to facilitate fast and secure data transmission. A D-coded version can provide end devices with up to 100Mbits per second Cat 5 Fast Ethernet, to facilitate Profinet-based communication.

The second, X-coded, version can provide end devices with up to 10Gbits per second, Cat 6A connections or high-speed Ethernet. The performance meets, for example, applications involving live camera systems, advises Harting. Both data versions feature complete shielding and are fitted with crimp contacts.

The Han 1A series is made up of compact, lightweight and versatile connectors in a rectangular plastic housing. It is particularly well suited to connecting decentralised devices, promoting modular system design and supporting miniaturisation in machine building automation, advises Harting. Han 1A connectors require up to 30 per cent less space by comparison with the next-smallest rectangular connectors in the Harting portfolio.

The plug-in data connectors are a modular system have data insert attachments and accessories which can be used for power and signal versions. The series follows the principle of a small number of components facilitating a range of different versions, reducing storage costs, says Harting.

The connectors feature fast, simple and secure locking systems via a snap-in latch or a locking lever.

Compared to circular connectors with metal housings, the high-performance plastic in the Han 1A series also delivers the benefits of lower weight, continues Harting.

The Han 1A series is suitable for a wide variety of applications, for example shielded (e.g. control cabinets) and unshielded industrial settings. IP20 and IP65 solutions can be configured. The series is also suitable for the rail sector. It meets the requirements for R22 (interior) / R23 (exterior) in accordance with EN 45545-2 as well as shock and vibration resistance requirements as stipulated by EN 61373, Cat. 2.

Harting Technology Group provides industrial connection technology for the data, signal and power and has 14 production plants and 44 sales companies. The company also produces retail checkout systems, electromagnetic actuators for automotive and industrial series use, charging equipment for electric vehicles, as well as hardware and software for customers and applications in automation technology, mechanical and plant engineering, robotics and transportation engineering.

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