Rectifiers top current rating, says Taiwan Semiconductor

Wettable flank packaging provides several production and performance advantages for the TUAS8x series of surface mount device rectifiers, said Taiwan Semiconductor. Voltage ratings are from 200 to 1,00V.

The TUAS8x Series device’s wettable flank package enables higher power density, increased manufacturing yields and reliability in a wide range of power conversion applications, offering what is claimed to be an industry leading 8A maximum current.

The industry standard, SMPC4.6U surface mount package is configured with two anode and one cathode, wettable flank terminations. The package is suitable for automated placement and automated optical inspection (AOI). Further advantages are a smaller footprint and height, improved power dissipation and higher resistance to thermal shock, confirmed Taiwan Semiconductor. The TUAS8x are the only devices available in this space saving, high performance package that offer the combination of high voltage performance (up to 1kV) at current levels above 5A, said the company.

Spice models are available online.

Applications include silicon, GaN or SiC-based power conversion circuits in commercial, industrial, telecomms and datacomms power systems, freewheeling diodes and anywhere general purpose rectification is needed.

Taiwan Semiconductor has produced discrete power rectifiers for over 40 years. Its expanded portfolio includes trench Schottky diodes, MOSFETs, power transistors, LED driver ICs, analogue ICs and ESD protection devices.

The company’s production facilities in China and Taiwan are fully compliant with current automotive and environmental standards such as IATF16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Taiwan Semiconductor products are used in an array of applications in the electronics industry including automotive, computer, consumer, industrial, telecomms and photovoltaic.

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