Reference board demonstrates isolated ISO1042 CAN transceiver

A reference board released by Recom demonstrates the functionality of the isolated ISO1042 CAN transceiver, which is supplied by Recom’s low-profile and thumbnail-sized R1SX DC/DC converter.

The R-REF03-CAN1 reference board allows design engineers to quickly develop and analyse isolated CAN bus systems. It includes the galvanically-isolated ISO1042 CAN transceiver, which supports up to 5Mbits per second data rate in CAN FD mode, allowing faster transfer of payload compared to classic CAN.

The R-REF03-CAN1 reference board demonstrates the function of isolated power supplies like the R1SX DC/DC converter from Recom, where the CAN device prevents noise currents on a data bus or other circuits from entering the local ground and interfering with, or damaging, sensitive circuitry. Only one 3.3V external supply is required to supply the reference board. The R-REF03-CAN1 is pre-configured with a split termination network which has a common-mode capacitance and additional capacitors on the CAN bus for protection. There are also protection components, such as TVS diodes and common mode chokes. Bypass paths for the components and a place for the termination resistors are also provided. The output of the R1SX-3.305/H supplies the secondary side of the digital isolator and the green LED which indicates supply voltage.

The reference board consumes about 80mA from the output, meaning that 120mA is available to supply circuits outside of the board through a connector pin or test point. The R-REF03-CAN1 reference board is available from all authorised distributors or directly from Recom.

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