Regulator has stacked inductor for efficiency and thermal performance

Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear LTM4662, a dual 15A or single 30A step-down µModule regulator in a BGA package. It has an exposed stacked inductor for improved thermal dissipation properties, adds Analog Devices.

Supporting components, such as the MOSFETs and DC/DC controller are over-moulded and the device is housed in a 11.25 x 15 x 5.74mm BGA package.

The inductor transfers heat from the power stage to the surrounding ambient air, for cooling with limited airflow. The LTM4662 performs at up to 96 per cent peak efficiency, enabling it to deliver a full 30A continuously at 12VIN to 1.0VOUT at 70 degree C ambient with 200LFM airflow.

The dual regulator design, small package size and precise voltage accuracy meets the PCB area constraints of densely populated system boards to power low voltage and high current devices such as FPGAs, ASICs, microprocessors and GPUs, says Analog Devices. Applications include PCIe boards, communication infrastructure, cloud computing-based systems, as well as medical, industrial, and test & measurement equipment.

The LTM4662 operates from a 4.5 to 20V input voltage range. With 5.0V external bias, the device can operate from 2.375V. The output voltages are adjustable from 0.6 to 5.5V, enabling the device to generate not only low voltage for digital devices but also 2.5, 3.3 and 5.0V which are commonly needed as system bus voltages. Total output voltage DC accuracy is guaranteed at ±1.5 per cent over line, load and temperature (–40 to +125°C).

Two LTM4662 regulators can current share to deliver 60A to a load. Moreover, the onboard remote sense amplifiers on both outputs compensate for voltage drops caused by trace impedance of the PC board due to large load current. The LTM4662 has selectable internal or external feedback loop compensation, for loop stability and transient performance to be optimised with minimal output capacitors.

The LTM4662’s switching frequency can be programmed from 250kHz to 1MHz with one resistor, and can be synchronised to an external clock ranging from 250kHz to 1MHz for noise-sensitive applications. There is also over-voltage and over-current protection.

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