Reinforced digital isolator protects high-throughput industrial automation

To protect industrial systems from high-voltage signals, Maxim Integrated has developed the robust MAX22445 5kVRMS four-channel reinforced digital isolator. It delivers up to two times greater throughput at four times lower power consumption compared to competing solutions, says Maxim. The company adds that the MAX22445 provides reliable communication across the isolation barrier to ensure safe operation of compact industrial, medical and other equipment.

In high-voltage equipment, digital isolators provide signal isolation and level-shifting to supervise operation of many circuits, while also protecting users from dangers such as electric shock. Many isolators, however, consume a large amount of power, generate significant heat and introduce large propagation delays, limiting system reliability and throughput, says Maxim. Overcoming these shortcomings, the MAX22445 delivers reinforced, dual insulation barrier isolation for fast digital signals. The IC, which mitigates the dangers of high-voltage power, transfers signals of up to 200Mbits per second with “significantly less power than competitive solutions” according to the company. It is available in a 16-pin wide-body SOIC package with 8mm of creepage and clearance.

Power consumption is just 0.41mA per channel and 0.74mW at 1Mbits per second with VDD at 1.8V. Maximum propagation delay is 10.5ns and maximum data rate of 200Mbits per second to enable fast and accurate data acquisition and high-speed interfaces with wide timing margins.

The MAX22445FWEVKIT# evaluation kit is also available from Maxim.

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