Renesas adds GUI and design parameters to Lab on the Cloud environment

Testing for voice and mobile applications are design parameters that Renesas Electronics has added to its Lab on the Cloud environment to simplify configuration and testing, while accelerating time to market.

The Lab on the Cloud environment enables customers to remotely access, configure, test, monitor and measure Renesas products instantly 24/7 in a cloud-connected lab. There, users can find evaluation boards for popular devices, together with proof of concept boards from Renesas and its partners. Users can access the physical lab through a PC-based graphics user interface (GUI) that enables them to immediately begin configuring and testing designs without requiring a physical board.

The GUI introduces parameters for control and additional results for monitoring. The ergonomic lab layout combined with an intuitive user interface have been designed to make it easier for users to quickly navigate the environment, said Renesas. For instance, the centralised live camera feed gives users a view of the complete lab set up and results; it also has the ability to zoom in and out on real time testing and data capture readings.

There are advanced implementations in test set ups and control for voice recognition, mobile application and power supply which enable users to complete complex testing such as transient performance in a few mouse clicks, Renesas continued.

New options include the Femtoclock2 point of use timing devices, which is claimed to be the smallest and lowest power clock generation and jitter attenuation device available, at less than 100fs.

Developers can test these and other devices via Lab On the Cloud to ensure stringent performance requirements are met, as well accelerating time to market.

New sections in the Lab on the Cloud suite including timing, power supply, voice recognition and control, healthcare, safety and surveillance, industrial communication, and IEEE 1588/5G computing and communication.

There are also a further 14 evaluation boards that have been added to the Lab on the Cloud environment, bringing the total to 23, covering IoT battery systems, industrial CAN sensor networks, voice recognition, air quality and capacitive liquid level indication, surveillance camera with CMOS sensor and a super capacitor-based terminal back up  power supply.

According to Renesas the enhancements of an advanced GUI and new design parameters create a more engaging and ergonomic user experience, and offer designers greater configuration flexibility.

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