Renesas claims first RISC-V motor control ASSP 

A RISC-V based ASSP is claimed to be an industry first by Renesas. The 32MHz, 32-bit CPU core based on license-free RISC-V ISA is optimised for motor control systems and enables customers to use a turnkey device for motor control applications, with no development cost. 

The pre-programmed R9A02G020 ASSP includes ADCs with three dedicated PGA and S/H, two DACs, two comparators, temperature sensor, motor control timers and two watchdog timers. It includes sensor-less vector control for one BLDC motor, 1/3 shunt, PFC and Hall sensor inputs, 48Kbit flash and 16kbit SRAM (4kbit with ECC). The ASSP supports temperatures up to Ta +125 degrees C.

The ASSP also reduces time to market and cost by eliminating RISC-V related tools and software investment. It is available in small 24- and 32-pin QFN packages.

Target applications include home or building automation, healthcare devices, home appliances and drones.

The R9A02G020 motor control ASSP is based on RISC-V processing IP from Andes Technology. Franklin Lin, CEO of Andes, said: “We believe Renesas making a powerful, low-power MCU ASSP available to the market will accelerate the incorporation of RISC-V in a broad array of applications. It will also encourage software developers to produce more creative and efficient applications for RISC-V, thus speeding up adoption of this next generation paradigm”. 

The RISC-V ASSP is pre-programmed with specialised application code developed by BFG Engineering and DigiPower (HK) Technology. Both design houses have specialised expertise in motor control; BFG offers sensor-less algorithms that allow customers to reduce motor start-up times and DigiPower has designed specific motors for the control of refrigerator compressors, fans and pumps. Both BFG and DigiPower will work with customers to finalise designs and aid the transition to production.

Segger Microcontroller provided its ecosystem, including Embedded Studio and J-Link, to create and test these motor control ASSPs.

The R9A02G020 MCU ASSP is available now.

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