RF transceiver boasts industry’s widest bandwidth

Designed to accelerate the development of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G basestations and phased array radar, Analog Devices has expanded its RadioVerse technology and design ecosystem with the ADRV9009 RF transceiver.

According to Analog Devices, it is the industry’s widest bandwidth RF transceiver, which provides designers with a single radio platform to accelerate the deployment of 5G, sustain 2G/3G/4G coverage, and simplify phased array radar design.

The ADRV9009 RF transceiver delivers twice the bandwidth (200MHz) of previous generation devices and replaces up to 20 components. It also cuts power in half and package size by 60 per cent. The size, weight and power reductions enable it to meet the rigorous antenna density and expanded network capacity requirements of emerging 5G wireless infrastructure equipment and aerospace and defence systems.

The ADRV9009 is claimed to be the industry’s first RF transceiver to support all existing cellular standards. The device is tunable over a range of 75MHz to 6.0GHz to support 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G services, which allows cellular equipment manufacturers to adopt a single, compact radio design across all band and power variants. This reduces product design time and simplifies deployment and maintenance of multi-band, multi-standard communications equipment, adds Analog Devices.

Designers can use the ADRV9009 to meet the escalating radio-channel-count requirements of 5G massive MIMO equipment. The RF transceiver is a single-chip TDD solution that can also be used in the design of portable, laboratory grade 5G test and measurement devices which are required for field testing of cellular and IoT networks.

For aerospace and defence systems, the ADRV9009 addresses the high-performance requirements of both wideband and narrowband applications such as military communications and signal intelligence. The RF transceiver also features fast frequency hopping for enhanced link security and spectrum efficiency.

For both advanced cellular and phased array radar systems, the ADRV9009 simplifies digital beamforming design by handling local oscillator synchronisation on-chip, eliminating the need for external local oscillators, explains Analog Devices.

The RadioVerse design and technology ecosystem includes market leading integrated radio platforms, software tools, evaluation and prototyping platforms, reference designs, and full radio solutions. Analog Devices offers a JESD204B FPGA integration framework, a production-ready RF system-on-module (RF-SoM) with dual ADRV9009 devices, and a global partnership network to provide customers additional design and technical services.


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