RFID label with sensor tests vehicle water ingress rates

Vehicles are leak-tested during the assembly process with water ingress detection tests are usually performed by hand. Schreiner ProTech has developed an RFID label with a sensor to perform the tests to reduce time and costs.

The ((rfid))-DistaFerr WetDetect combines UHF-RFID-on-metal-technology with a moisture sensor. During the assembly process, the label is applied to critical places prone to water ingress. The moisture sensor responds even to tiny amounts of liquid in real time and, due to the RFID label, the condition can be recorded immediately after the vehicle has passed through the washing cycle, explains Schneider ProTech. Customised programming and allocation of the labels to a specific location on the vehicle, means that testing personnel can immediately tell where ingress of liquid has occurred.

The rise of electronics and sensors used in vehicles increases the number of holes in the bodywork through which wire harnesses connect sensors or electronics. To ensure that vehicles are waterproof, new models in particular pass through a high-pressure car wash and are leak-tested during the assembly process.

The combination of RFID and sensors in a flat, easy-to-apply, and cost-efficient design simplifies information gathering; the condition of an object can be acquired and read out, continues Schreiner ProTech, to offer a new level of quality in process control to a wide range of industries.


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