Robust, compact M12 adapter simplifies retrofits in transport

Equipped with X to D and D to X coding, the compact M12 adapter released by Provertha is designed to simplify retrofitting in transportation and railway technology.

It allows an M12 plug in connection with X to D and D to X coding to be made without any additional effort, said the company. A full metal housing provides shielding for the adapter which features an X- or D-coded pin interface with a rotating screw lock and a D- or X-coded socket interface with a fixed locking thread. The adapters are simply inserted between the switch and the cable using the usual torque tools. 

According to Provertha, this M12 adapter make a significant contribution to saving cabling costs and installation time. Rated to IP 67, it can be used for data transmission of up to 100Mbit and operates across a wide temperature range of -25 to +85 degrees C.

An X to D-coded adapter is particularly advantageous for retrofitting in railway technology, said Provertha, as existing D-coded cabling can continue to be used, even if the switches have to be replaced by gigabit port switches during overhauls. Equally, the X to D-coded adapter allows 100Mbit devices to be connected with Gigabit cabling systems.

Typically, Ethernet capable devices, which need no Gbit Ethernet, are equipped with M12 D-code connecters while newly installed Ethernet cablings are already based on X-code technique (using four pairs).

Ethernet switches are used for data communication in trains and infotainment in train carriages. The trend towards higher data rates is also applicable to railway switches. As equipment is overhauled, old switches are increasingly replaced, for example, 100Mbit ports on the switches are increasingly being replaced by Gbit ones. This means that instead of the D-coded M12 sockets, more X-coded sockets will be used despite D-coded cabling being retained because of the high cost of the X-coded cables, requiring D-coded connectors that can match X-coded sockets.

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