Rohde & Schwarz extends ZNB VNA family for mmWave and Ka band uses

Rohde & Schwarz has added new models and options to the R&S ZNB vector network analyser family, addressing applications in the mmWave range such as 5G at FR2 frequencies and applications in aerospace and defence in the Ka band. The R&S ZNB26 provides network analysis up to 26.5GHz, and R&S ZNB43 extends the upper frequency of the mid range vector network analyser (VNA) family to 43.5GHz.

The R&S ZNB43 is used for development and production network analysis. – 

The R&S ZNB43 is available as two-port or four-port models, with two connector types, either 2.4mm or 2.92mm. It also offers an extended power range and a second internal source. The R&S ZNB43 is suitable for characterisation of passive devices such as filters, couplers and switches. When equipped with the second internal source, it becomes a versatile instrument for measurements of active devices such as mixers and amplifiers.

Higher frequencies, faster clock rates, and more precise specifications all demand more accurate device characterisation. In particular for the higher microwave frequencies, de-embedding the test fixture from the device under test is increasingly important. While simple in principle, de-embedding is much more complicated in practice, as the S-parameters for the fixture cannot easily be measured. Only in the past few years have practical de-embedding solutions come to the market. 

A range of industry-wide software tools for de-embedding in line with IEEE 370 is now available as integrated options.

With any network analyser, no matter how well a test set up has been calibrated, there will still be a residual measurement uncertainty that will vary according to settings, such as the power level for the current test. Knowing the actual uncertainty under given test conditions is crucial. 

The R&S ZNB allows users to keep track of measurement uncertainty in real-time, with integrated software options.

The R&S ZNB family also supports inline calibration units that remain connected to the device under test throughout the test period. Inline calibration is essential for tests in a thermal chamber, for example, on satellites or satellite components, or in multiport setups with large numbers of ports, where instead of a time-consuming reconnection of DUT (device under test) cables, recalibration is reduced to just pressing a button, said Rohde & Schwarz.

Rohde & Schwarz is launching the ZNB43 at the IMS2022 (International Microwave Symposium), Denver, Colorado, USA (19 to 24 June), on booth 7056.

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