Rohde & Schwarz presents new microwave measurement receiver for stable, high-precision level and performance calibration

With the R&S FSMR3000 Rohde & Schwarz has developed a microwave measurement receiver to calibrate signal generators and attenuators. Its main features include tuned RF level measurements, level measurements, analogue modulation and spectrum analysis. 

In addition, the R&S FSMR3000 can be equipped with hardware for high-end phase noise test supplementary to the standard phase noise test with the spectrum analyser. It also offers digital and analogue modulation signal analysis, 80 MHz analysis bandwidth, analysis of pulses and VOR/ILS signals. The R&S FSMR3000 as a single box instrument is designed to reduce the complexity in calibration capabilities for the A&D industry.

Along with level calibration, the R&S FSMR3000 microwave measurement receiver provides analogue AM, FM and φM modulation analysis. The R&S FSMR3000 is designed to make signal generator and attenuator calibration less complex and includes features that make calibrating lab test processes easier, says R&S. The 8 GHz, 26.5 GHz and 50 GHz instruments provide all the required measurement capabilities in a compact single box instrument.

The receiver has a level measurement range of -152 to +30dBm. The low linearity uncertainty in the instrument of ± (0.009 dB + 0.005 dB per 10 dB step) together with absolute power sensor calibration is said by R&S to provide highly accurate signal level measurements, where the R&S NRP50T can cover the whole frequency range from DC to 50 GHz.

Built-in analogue modulation analysis is available for AM, FM, and φM modulation measurements. AM modulation depths from 0 to 100 per cent and FM frequency deviations up to 16 MHz wide can be measured. The instrument has a 16-bit AD converter with 200 Msamples/s for modulation analysis with an internal signal analysis bandwidth of up to 80 MHz. 

Equipped with powerful hardware, the R&S FSMR3000 provides additional phase noise analysis. The receiver can be equipped with a second receive path for high-end applications, enabling cross-correlation and increasing sensitivity by up to 25 dB depending on the number of correlations.

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