Rohm adds 24 Schottky barrier diodes for automotive applications

Additions to two series of Schottky barrier diodes have been announced by Rohm Semiconductor. The 12 devices in the RBR series and 12 in the RBQ series bring the total of diodes for protection and rectification circuits available for automotive, industrial equipment and consumer applications to 178.

The lower power consumption required in most applications has increased the adoption of Schottky barrier diodes, which are more efficient than other diodes, says Rohm. If VF is lowered to improve efficiency however, IR will become higher which increases the risk of thermal runaway. It is therefore important to balance both VF and IR when selecting Schottky barrier diodes for circuit design.

The RBR and RBQ series have been expanded to include compact high current, high voltage products that enable rectification and protection in a wider range of applications.

To improve the chip performance of both series by 25 per cent (VF of RBR series in particular) compared with Rohm’s conventional products, a new process is employed. The RBR series features “excellent” low VF characteristics, claims Rohm, which are key to improving efficiency and reducing loss. These characteristics make them suitable for automotive applications as well as consumer electronics such as laptops where high efficiency is required. There are 12 products in the compact PMDE package, measuring 2.5 x 1.3mm which reduces mounting area by 42 per cent compared to existing products in PMDU packages / SOD-123 packages, says Rohm.

The RBQ series is claimed to deliver “excellent” low IR characteristics that enable stable operation in high temperature environments. This reduces the risk of thermal runaway and makes them suitable for automotive powertrain applications and power supplies for industrial equipment that operate in high temperature environments. The company has added 12 new 100V products. Both series are qualified under the AEC-Q101 standard to ensure automotive-grade reliability.

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