RS Components includes single chip from Renesas to monitor equipment

The RX23E-A analogue front-end microcontrollers from Renesas integrate analogue circuitry and a microcontroller to deliver better than 0.1 per cent precision in sensing and measurement equipment for manufacturing and test applications. The RX23E-A is now available from omni-channel distributor, RS Components.

The RX23E-A series of single chip devices from Renesas combine an analogue front end (AFE) and a microcontroller core high-precision measurements of analogue signals, such as temperature, pressure, weight, or flow.

The microcontrollers are designed for manufacturing and test and measurement equipment, such as sensing or force measuring devices or temperature controllers and are claimed to offer better than 0.1 per cent precision without calibration. The level of integration (e.g. high-precision sensor measurement, computation, control and communications) on a single chip, reduces the bill of materials for equipment makers while saving board space and simplifying system design, says RS Components.

The AFE integrates dual 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs with up to 23-bit effective resolution, and programmable data rates from 7.6 sample per second up to 15,625ksamples per second. The offset drift is 10nV per degrees C, gain drift is one parts per million per degree C and RMS noise is 30nV (rms). According to RS Components, these characteristics enable the significant reduction of noise and temperature to the exceptionally low levels required for manufacturing applications, such as a variety of sensor data accurately and reliably.

The digital part of the RX23E-A devices is based on an advanced RXv2 core, which features operating speeds of 32MHz and which is claimed to excel at DSP and floating point unit (FPU) operations. The microcontroller also enables adaptive control techniques using temperature data and inverse matrix calculations based on six-axis distortion data. This makes it suitable for use with robot arm force sensors in industrial manufacturing applications.

The Renesas RX23E-A microcontrollers are shipping now at RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

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