Rutronik adds Amphenol’s IEC 63171-6-compliant SPE connectors

Amphenol’s single pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors for industrial applications enable direct Ethernet connection to peripheral devices, such as sensors, actuators, and cameras for vision systems operating at speeds up to 1Gbit per second. The rugged SPE jacks are available in right-angle or vertical versions and field-terminable connectors to offer a fully shielded interface with metal interlocking features. 

The current carrying capacity of up to 4.0A supports power over data link (PoDL) up to 1km. This eliminates the need for slow, expensive, and complex fieldbus protocols and connections – while simplifying and standardising new and existing industrial network systems, said Amphenol. The SPE connectors, as well as other Amphenol products, are available from Rutronik.

Increasingly, sensors require transmission rates that BUS systems can no longer guarantee, which requires a more powerful and streamlined infrastructure. Existing Ethernet infrastructures are not economically implemented for most field applications. With SPE connectors, existing Ethernet infrastructures can be optimised, saving costs, said Rutronik. In addition to data transmission via Ethernet, the simultaneous power supply of the end devices via Power over Data Line (PoDL) is possible, advised Rutronik.

Amphenol’s SPE connectors open up new possibilities and areas of application for Industrial Ethernet, especially in automation and railroad technology. The miniaturised SPE standard interface for industrial applications can efficiently reach every sensor and actuator in the field in combination with slim SPE cables.

They are compatible with IEC 63171-6 connections from other authorised suppliers to ensure future compatibility. The single pair cables reduce cost, weight, and space requirements compared to two- and four-pair cables and are mechanically robust and secure with 360° shielding for use in harsh environments. 

The field-terminable IDC connectors provide flexibility for installation and SPE eliminates the need for costly protocol conversion gateways, added Rutronik.

 Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente was founded in 1973 and is an independent family-owned company based in Ispringen, Germany. It has more than 80 offices worldwide and logistics centres in Austin (Texas), Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong, for customer support in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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