Rutronik offers Omron’s sub-miniature D2FP changeover switches

Offering a fast response and high reliability, Omron’s D2FP sub-miniature base switch is now available at Rutronik.

The D2FP changeover switches measure just 12.8 x 5.8 x 6.5mm. They are durable, said Rutronik and characterised by a fast response and high reliability. They have a sharp snap mechanism with a clear click sound as well as the light response behaviour, for reassurance during operation. The optical switches are particularly suitable for applications that require fast reactions, said Rutronik, for example in computer mice for e-sports. 

The switches are fast in operation and have a chatter-free, fast response time of just 0.015ms which is achieved through contactless operation with sensors. The stable structure of the springs used in the switches, which are produced in-house by Omron, contribute to the stable structure and the long service life of the switches is up to 70 million clicks at a maximum operating frequency of 300 clicks per minute, said the company.

The switch is efficient, with a minimum output of 1.5V when the button is not pressed. When it is pushed, it takes only 27 microseconds for the output voltage to drop below 0.4V after the LED lights up. Operating temperature is from five to 40 degrees C and with a maximum humidity of 60 per cent. According to Rutronik, the improved resistance to changes in the application environment achieves high reliability while integrated sensors facilitate accurate mounting.

The switches are RoHS-compliant and suitable for use in keyboards, controllers, and computer mice. 

They are available in packaging units of 500 pieces.

Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente was founded in 1973. The independent family-owned company is based in Ispringen, Germany, and has more than 80 offices worldwide and logistics centres in Austin (Texas), Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 

The company focuses on high-growth future markets that will shape the world of electronics tomorrow. These are Advanced Materials, Advanced Measurement, Processing & Analytics, Advanced Robotics, Automation, Biotechnology, Energy & Power, Future Mobility, IIoT & Internet of everything, Industry 4.0, Medical & Healthcare, and Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain.

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