Samsung bases 16Gbit LPDDR5 DRAM on EUV technology

Mass production has begun at Samsung of its third generation 10nm (1z) 16Gbit LPDDR5 DRAM. It uses extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology and is claimed to have the highest mobile memory performance and largest capacity currently available for 5G and AI features in smartphones.

It is the first memory to be mass produced using EUV technology. At 6,400Mbits per second, the LPDDR5 is about 16 per cent faster than the 12Gbit LPDDR5 , which operates at 5,500Mbits per second. When made into a 16Gbyte package, the LPDDR5 can transfer about 10 5Gbyte-sized full-HD movies, or 51.2Gbyte of data, in one second.

The use of the first commercial 1z process allows the LPDDR5’s package to be 30 per cent thinner than its predecessor. This will enable designers to include 5G and multi-camera smartphones as well as foldable devices to include more functionality into a slim design. The 16Gbit LPDDR5 can build a 16Gbyte package with only eight chips, instead of 12 (eight 12Gbit and four 8Gbit chips) for its 1y-based predecessor to provide the same capacity.

At the same time as releasing details of this latest memory, Samsung announced that it will also expand the use of its LPDDR5 offerings into automotive applications, offering an extended temperature range to meet strict safety and reliability standards in extreme environments.

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