Samsung claims highest luminous efficacies for chip-scale LED packages

Samsung Electronics announces it has achieved the industry’s highest light efficacies for its fillet-enhanced chip-scale package (FEC) LED line-up, the LM101B, LH181B and LH231B.

Initially chip-scale package (CSP) LEDs have not been widely used in mainstream LED lighting markets due to relatively lower efficacy levels compared to conventional LED packages. This upgraded, efficacy-leading FECs can be applied to most mainstream LED lighting environments, including ambient, downlight, spotlight, high bay, canopy and street lighting applications, says the company.

The enhanced FEC LEDs are based on Samsung’s CSP technology which builds TiO2 (Titanium dioxide) walls around the side surfaces of the chip to direct light output upwards. The technology provides considerably higher light efficacy than conventional CSP LEDs while offering greater flexibility for luminaire designers, says Samsung. Dramatically reduced cross-talk between neighbouring packages allows each package to be placed in close proximity to one another.

Building on these advances, the revised FEC LED packages achieve the industry’s highest light efficacy levels, claims Samsung, to suit an even wider range of lighting applications. The mid-power CSP, LM101B, features an increased efficacy of 205lm/W (65mA, CRI 80+, 5000K), which is the highest among 1.0W class, mid-power CSP LEDs. The 3.0W-class LH181B provides the highest light efficacy in its class with 190lm/W (350mA, CRI 70+, 5000K) which represents a more than 10 per cent enhancement over the company’s previous version. The 5.0W-class LH231B package continues to offer 170lm/W (700mA, CRI 70+, 5000K), the industry’s highest efficacy for the 5.0W class, claims Samsung.

Samsung FEC’s small form factor and reduced cross-talk make the LM101B particularly well suited for spotlighting applications where packages can be densely placed within a small light-emitting surface area. The LM101B is therefore much simpler to mount compared to other mid-power CSP LEDs, by modifying the electrode pad, says Samsung.

The LH181B operates at a maximum current of 1.4A, making it particularly suitable for high-power LED luminaires requiring superior lumen density, adds Samsung.

The FEC line-up is now in mass production, confirms Samsung. They are available in a range of colour temperature (CCT) and colour rendering index (CRI) options.

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