Schaffner reintroduce single-phase EMC filter

Back, due to popular demand, the FN2415 single-phase EMC filter has been re-introduced by Schaffner. The low leakage versions are suitable for control equipment, residual current device (RCD) and medical use.

The FN2415 single-phase EMC filter for control equipment with extended capabilities can be used in machine tools to address internal coupling interference from the drive system to the control wires. This interference can result in dropouts and interrupts of the control unit and consequently lead to unnecessary and costly downtime.

The filter eliminates interference affecting PLCs and motion or robot control systems. In addition to large, complex machinery, it can also be used for diverse single-phase applications, such as motor drives and power supplies.

Two new versions with adapted performance and lower leakage currents are now available. The FN 2415 B version with no leakage current (0 mA) does not add to the RCD total leakage current in a machine or a cabinet and may be used in medical equipment. The second filer, the FN 2415 L has a leakage current of less than 3.5mA for low leakage applications, allowing the use of RCDs rated at 30mA in complex machines where several 3.5mA leakage current filters may be connected in parallel.

The EMC attenuation performance means that the FN 2415 contributes “significantly” to electromagnetic compliance, e.g. EN50370-1 standards for machine tools, says Schaffner.

The compact design of the FN 2415 provides simple and time-saving installation with good accessibility for automatic and hand tools. Solid, touch-safe terminal blocks offer sufficient contacting cross section according to the EN60204-1 installation standard. The filters are IP20 rated and have an operating temperature range of -25 to +100 degrees C.

The filters have safety approvals (UL, CSA and IEC / EN) and are compliant to REACH and RoHS directives.

The Schaffner Group provides products to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electronic systems by selective conversion of electrical power. The range of products includes EMC filters, magnetic power components and power quality filters, with all of the services associated with them.

For the automotive industry, Schaffner develops and produces antennae for keyless access systems and filter solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure. Schaffner components are also deployed in electronic motor controls, in wind power and photovoltaic systems, rail technology applications, machine tools and robots, electrical infrastructure and in power supplies for electronic devices.

The Schaffner Group has headquarters in Switzerland and has development and production centres in Asia, Europe, and the US. 

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